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The Beginner’s Essential Kanji Guide

The Beginner’s Essential Kanji Guide In order to become fluent in Japanese, knowing how to read kanji is essential. Why? Being able to read kanji will take you from an intermediate to advanced level of Japanese understanding, your vocabulary will multiple, and gateways will open to a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. In the end,…

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How To Make A Debit Or Credit Card

Making a Credit or Debit Card in Japan Debit Card Less Than 6 Months Updated 5/13/2019 You do not have any options for making a debit card unless you have a spousal or work visa in Japan. For those on a working holiday or student visa, your best option would be to make a Shinsei bank…

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How to Make Japanese Friends

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Japanese Friends We are not kidding This is the ultimate guide to make Japanese friends and we are not kidding. This guide will be useful to people who are new to Japan and people who have lived in Japan for 20 years or more. 99% of people will…

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