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About BFF Tokyo

Have you ever heard or said something like that above?

“I want to find a full-time job, but I am afraid the company will be so restrictive”

“Why is it so hard to make Japanese friends”

“I want to learn Japanese, but the language is just so hard.”

Many foreigners need help

I never realized how many people were having a hard time in Tokyo with finding good employment, making Japanese friends, finding an apartment, and with everyday life in Tokyo. It made me sad to see so many foreigners who came to Tokyo to experience their Japan dream but left prematurely and disappointed with Japan.

What makes us different?

Our Editor

My name is Tyson and I am the founder and chief editor of BFF Tokyo. I would like to share with you many of the things I have learned over my time here in Tokyo.

1 : I worked as an HR Manager in a large corporation and did recruitment for entry-level to manager level positions. I also co-founded two successful companies that currently employ over 160 people combined in Tokyo and Yokohama.

2 : After years of not understanding my wife and growing more than a few white hairs, we developed a great marriage, so I can share what foreigners and Japanese have trouble understanding about one another.

BFF Tokyo Writers

Writers for BFF Tokyo have all had their own experiences as a foreigner in Japan and are currently successfully and happily living in Japan. We write these articles and guides because we have been through the same struggles and would like to share our experiences and tips, rather than doing it for a paycheck. We could write trendy content that is fun and cool, but we rather write content that really makes a difference in helping people.

Why the name BFF Tokyo?

We choose the name BFF Tokyo because we want to provide the most unbiased and honest guides to help foreigners in Tokyo. One of the main reasons foreigners become disappointed with Tokyo is because they choose the wrong job, the wrong apartment, or feel isolated in Japan.

The name BFF or best friends forever is a little bit cheesy, but we chose the name because we want to have your back and help you have a great experience. We also aim to gain your trust by providing honest and the least biased information and be your best friend and source of information until you finally get settled in with a job, apartment, and friends in Tokyo.

When you think about apartments, jobs, learning Japanese, and overall enjoying your time in Japan, we want you to think BFF Tokyo.

Let us help you until you get settled in and make the right decisions that will ultimately influence your time in Tokyo.

What content can you find at BFF Tokyo

You can find the most detailed articles on jobs in Tokyo, learning Japanese, day to day life, and apartments (in the future) at BFF Tokyo.

Our article on how to make Japanese friends is our most popular article and has been labeled as the best article they have ever read on making Japanese friends by many readers.