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Japan Bingo

Butchering Nihongo Bingo Definitely not your grandfather’s type of bingo. Are you Butchering the Japanese Language? Take our BUTCHERING NIHONGO BINGO Challenge Below. Butcher Level 0 TIMES – You’re a kid with a tea set. 1 TIME – Still a tea set kid.  2 TIMES – Apprentice butcher. You sometimes make Japanese people tilt their…

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Ultimate Guide for Visas to Japan

Visas to Japan

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Visas Already made the decision to move to Japan, but not sure what are your options for coming here are? Before you go and tell your parents or family and sell all your possessions, come check our guide on the many different ways for getting to Japan outside of a…

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Rugby World Cup 2019 Positions

Rugby World Cup 2019 Welcome to the first Rugby World Cup in Asia The Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan is the ninth edition of this world class event and the first to be hosted in Asia. Hosted once every four years, and is the epitome of the rugby world. People from all over the world…

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Ultimate Guide to English Teaching Jobs in Japan

Teaching English to Adults

The Ultimate Guide to English Teaching Jobs in Japan This guide leads off from our previous guide on full-time jobs in Tokyo. We assume you have already researched multiple Japanese companies using the information in that guide and have narrowed your options to a list of 5 to 10 companies you are interested in. The…

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Ultimate Guide to Full-Time Jobs in Tokyo


Jobs in Tokyo for Foreigners 2019 has been quite a favorable time for foreign job seekers to find work in Tokyo. The challenge to finding a job is doing the right preparation, having the right skills, and knowing where to look and who to talk to. If you want to know your visa options check…

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How To Make A Debit Or Credit Card

Making a Credit or Debit Card in Japan Debit Card Less Than 6 Months Updated 5/13/2019 You do not have any options for making a debit card unless you have a spousal or work visa in Japan. For those on a working holiday or student visa, your best option would be to make a Shinsei bank…

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How to Make Japanese Friends

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Japanese Friends We are not kidding This is the ultimate guide to make Japanese friends and we are not kidding. This guide will be useful to people who are new to Japan and people who have lived in Japan for 20 years or more. 99% of people will…

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How to Practice Japanese Listening

How to Improve Your Japanese Listening Always wanted to learn Japanese but unsure of where to start or are searching for that magic trick that will help you boost your Japanese ability? Save weeks and maybe years on doing the research and learning by trial and error through our experiences. Our four-step series will cover…

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Ultimate Guide to Internships in Tokyo

Guide to Marketing Internships in Tokyo What you need to know about internships in Tokyo You have come to the right place to find and learn about working as a marketing intern in Tokyo. This page will help you to learn more about the preparations you need to make when searching for an internship position.…

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