Skye Ciaccio

Lived in multiple places around the United States & abroad despite being born in the state of Virginia. Decided to take an internship at BFFTokyo during her senior year of college. Has put in more than a 200 hours of research on apartment hunting in Tokyo and spoken to several foreigners about their concerns on finding a place to stay in Tokyo; she hopes to ultimately help foreigners find the apartment in Tokyo that's right for them.

Skye Ciaccio

Skye Ciaccio USA About Me  Hello! My name is Skye Ciaccio. While my twin sister and I were born in Virginia, I have moved from home to home multiple times throughout my life and have a lot of experience with the moving process. I understand …

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Sharehouses in Tokyo


Finding a Sharehouse in Tokyo By Skye | This article on share houses is part of our series on apartments in Tokyo. Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Tokyo Sharehouses 5 Reasons Why You Should Live With Roommates …

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