Life in Tokyo

Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone Living in Japan is hard. I know, i’ve experienced it myself. When I came to Japan for the first time, I fell in love with the country. But the wonder from that two-month love affair disappeared when I came back to Japan to study.  “Ever since I left Japan,…

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The Cheapest Route from Narita Airport to Tokyo

The Cheapest Route From Narita Airport to Tokyo Want the quickest way into Tokyo? Or looking to save a little cash? The number of route possibilities are enough to make your head spin. Did you know that one of the most simple routes is actually one of the cheapest? Something to remember about Narita is…

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Ultimate Guide for Visas to Japan

Visas to Japan

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Visas Already made the decision to move to Japan, but not sure what are your options for coming here are? Before you go and tell your parents or family and sell all your possessions, come check our guide on the many different ways for getting to Japan outside of a…

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How To Make A Debit Or Credit Card

Making a Credit or Debit Card in Japan Debit Card Less Than 6 Months Updated 5/13/2019 You do not have any options for making a debit card unless you have a spousal or work visa in Japan. For those on a working holiday or student visa, your best option would be to make a Shinsei bank…

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How to Make Japanese Friends

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Japanese Friends We are not kidding This is the ultimate guide to make Japanese friends and we are not kidding. This guide will be useful to people who are new to Japan and people who have lived in Japan for 20 years or more. 99% of people will…

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