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How to Find a Job in Tokyo

By  Tyson Batino  August 1st, 2019

This article is a part of our ultimate guide to jobs in Tokyo.

Where Do We Find Full-Time Jobs in Tokyo

Here is a compilation of all the job boards we discovered but did not include on our jobs in tokyo page and English teacher jobs in Tokyo page.

Job Boards for all types of foreigners

Here are a list of job boards in Tokyo that lists a bit of everything. If you are not a target for start ups or midcareer positions, these are the places to check.

Start Up Positions

Start up businesses are normally looking for sales people, programmers and developers, marketers, and designers. They may feature some other positions, but these are the types of people most start ups need. Once they become more established than they tend to hire other positions.

Technology Positions

These job boards and listings specifically focus on programmers and developers.

Teaching Positions Only

These jobs boards only cover English teaching positions, but cover for the whole of Japan.

Entry Level Positions for Bilinguals

These are job boards that feature jobs for foreigners who can speak and read Japanese at an N2 level.

Medium and High Level Positions

The job boards are for people with 5 - 10 years in an industry and have a business level of Japanese. Please note that most of the positions are for Japanese native speakers who are fluent in English.

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