how to make a debit and credit card

Making a Credit or Debit Card in Japan

By  Tyson Batino  May 13, 2019

How to Make a Debit Card

Situation 1 : You have lived in Japan for LESS than 6 months

You do not have any options for making a debit card unless you have a spousal or work visa in Japan. For those on a working holiday or student visa, your best option would be to make a Shinsei Bank Gaica prepaid visa card. This is the only option I know of for foreigners who have been in Japan for less than 6 months.

The requirements are that you have an address and phone number in Japan and your passport or residence card.

I was not able to receive a Shinsei card

Some foreigners have been mentioning that they were unable to get a card. The most likely reason you were denied was because you applied for a bank account instead of the prepaid card and did not meet the requirements for a Shinsei bank account.

You can make a Shinsei Gaica prepaid card without a Shinsei bank account. The only problem is transferring funds from your other bank accounts into the prepaid account.

Requirements for a Shinsei bank account

  • Student visa holders - need to have resident's status
  • Working holiday visa holders - need to have resident's status
  • Work visa holders - can immediately make a bank account

To have a status as a resident, you would need to have lived in Japan for a minimum of 6 months and this is the same requirement that all major Japanese banks have. Shinsei used to allow foreigners to make it immediately, but this is no longer the case for some visa type holders.

Situation 2 : You have lived in Japan more than 6 months

Major banks like MUFJ, SMBC, Mizuho offer accounts to foreigners after you have been in Japan for more than 6 months and have a residence card.

You will have to apply for a debit card at your local branch and the debit card is different from the cash card you received when you created an account or you can apply for a Seven Bank card from 7-11.

Length : takes around 2 weeks to receive your debit card in the mail.

how to make a credit card

How to Make a Credit Card

Option 1 : Going Through Yolo Japan

The company YOLO Japan can help you get a credit card with SMBC, a top 2 bank in Japan.

Benefits :

They provide English guides on how to do the application and the eligibility process can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Demerits :

The card limit is only 50,000 yen while a normal credit card is 250,000 yen.

Length :

It takes around 3 - 4 weeks to complete the whole process.

Option 2 : Rakuten Bank

Rakuten is a major online company that provides various web services and internet banking is one of them.

Demerits :

Rakuten has an English FAQ but the application process is in Japanese.

Challenges :

My guess is that you have to make more than 230,000 yen monthly and have a full-time job to be eligible for an online credit card. Major banks have even higher criterion for issuing a credit card.

Option 3 : GTN EPOS Card

GTN is a major provider of housing services for foreign residents in Japan. They also provide mobile services and 24/7 living in Japan support for those who are using their housing services.

GTN has partnered up with a major Japanese credit card company to provide credit cards for foreigners residing in Japan.

Benefits :

Students in specialty schools (senmongakkou) and University students are eligible to apply for the card. Additionally, those who have an instructor or humanities visa have a good shot of getting this card.

Demerits :

The biggest demerit is that you have to be using their real estate or guarantor service or mobile service to be eligible to apply for their credit card.

Those on a working holiday visa would probably not be accepted.


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