22 Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo for Foreigners

Finding a part-time job can be a challenge and we are aware of this and have created a list of places that offer part-time jobs for people like you! So do not worry, we will cover the most common part-time jobs in Tokyo. If you would like to find a full-time jobs instead then check out our other article full-time jobs in Tokyo

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo - Legoland

Fun Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo

We are going to start off our guide to part-time jobs in Tokyo with some probably not so well known but interesting and fun jobs for foreigners like you and me.

Go Kart Driver in Tokyo

The first fun part-time job in Tokyo is a Go Kart tour guide. You know the tiny go-karts from Mario Kart than you seen traveling all around Tokyo with people in cosplay as characters from the popular game. You will learn Tokyo in and out and your are probably not required to use in Japanese. The position pays around 1100 yen an hour, so you may have to do a lot of driving to support yourself. You will also need an international driver’s license or have a license from one of the following countries with a Japanese Translation by an authorised organisation.

Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco

Typical Salary:

¥960-¥1,100 an hour 

The do not have a career or recruit page on their website, but they have been known to post go kart positions on GaijinPot.

Lego Land Japan Playmaker

Do you remember those overly priced but awesomely designed plastic blocks from your childhood? Did you know that it is from Denmark? 

The second part-time job in Tokyo we are going to feature is a fun position at a Lego Land Discover Center Playmaker. The Lego Land Japan team actually hires foreigners to work in the Japan Resort theme park in Nagoya or the Lego discovery centers in Osaka and Tokyo.

Typical Salary has not been disclosed.

A previous job ad they posted online says the hourly rate is around 1300 yen, so just FYI it does not pay as much as teaching children English. However, at least all your customers want to be there and are not being "encouraged" by parents to go there. You can apply directly at the Legoland Japan page.

Link to Position

Lego Land

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo -Restaurant

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo : Restaurant Positions

When you come to Tokyo, you may realise that there are many restaurants available to choose from whether you want to eat ramen or Japanese BBQ. Many restaurants are searching for employees to help them manage their restaurants and what better way to interact with the local people and serve them food. This job is not too hard and you’ll represent the restaurant so remember to make a good impression! This is the most common part-time job in Tokyo and you could work for any specific restaurant.

Here are a list of foreign restaurants who do hire foreign staff at their restaurants to create that foreign feel or they may actually just have many customers who are foreigners. Any part-time job in Tokyo which involves dealing with Japanese customers in the food business will most likely require daily conversational skills of Japanese.

Typical Salary:

¥900 - ¥1100 an hour

Link to Job Boards

Food Job Japan - General Part-Time Jobs Search Site

Links to Positions 

Positions at Shake Shack Burger

Positions at Blu Jam Cafe

Position at Umami Burger - Tokyo

Positions at Tyson's - Not related to Tyson Chicken

Positions at Hidakaya Restaurant 

Positions at MOS BURGER 

Note: Please bear in mind that the positions at MOS burger you will be asked interview questions in Japanese so Japanese knowledge is required. 

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo - Themed Restaurants

Part-time Jobs in Tokyo : Themed restaurants

One of the most unique places in Japan is the themed restaurants they have and they are really popular so expect to see many people if you choose to work here. You can work in a ninja themed restaurant or even a butler cafe. This job will stand out from the other jobs  you have done in the past and other candidates too, don’t let a themed restaurant scare you and apply now!

Part-time job in Tokyo at a themed restaurant may be an interesting option if you are looking to have an adventure. I have noticed that the appeal and intrigue of the themed restaurants wash away in about several weeks, so make sure to find something that pays well and is sustainable.

Typical Salary:

¥1100-¥1300 an hour

Links to Positions

Butlers Cafe

Sugoi Kawaii Maid Cafe

Kawaii Monster Cafe- Page in Japanese. 

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo -Bars

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo : Bars

In many countries working at the bar is common and in Tokyo, there is no difference. In the bar, you can take orders from customers and observe the bar and communicate with the people there and also meet new people every time. This is a perfect job for anyone that does not mind being in a loud and fast paced environment.

Working in a bar is normal for students trying to make some extra cash, but but please bear in mind that working as a bartender in a host club or hostess club or any other red light district types of businesses are not allowed for those on a student visa or even working holiday visa I believe.

There are a decent amount of part-time jobs in Tokyo for working as a bartender or bar staff, but you may have to go offline and check the weekly and monthly free English magazines in Tokyo like Metropolis and Tokyo Time Out and several others.

There are many foreign owned bars scattered around Tokyo and we provided some that I have definitely seen foreigners working at. I am not sure about your country, but some places have been cracking down on smoking and so if you do not like the smell of smoke, make sure to confirm with the bar or pub because some places allow it while other places do not. Working at a bar may not also be feasible for students like in your home country because tipping almost never happens here so the amount listed in the job ad is the amount you are going to take home at the end of the day.

The good news is that you do not need to worry about fights and see less of the ridiculousness that can happen when people get crunked.

Typical Salary:

¥1100 - ¥1300 an hour 

(Ginza and Roppongi Areas offer up to 2000, especially if you're female)

Link to Job Boards

1. Food Job Japan - General Job Search Site

Links to Positions 

2.  R2 Supper Club - Part time jobs in Tokyo


4. Quest Roppongi 

For Quest Roppongi just go down the page, after the menu list, you will see it says "recruit" and have a read and then send your resume to the email shown. 

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo -Juice Bars

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo : Juice Bars

Juice bars are trending in Tokyo right now, so watch out and enjoy the squeeze. The juice bars in Tokyo range from serving standard juices and smoothies to those specializing in organic and vegan friendly drink concoctions. Heck even JR railways runs its own juice bar which you can see serving affordable juices in the train stations in Tokyo. Although JR may not be hiring someone without Japanese skills, we have found several places that do hire foreigners or at minimum have an English career page.

Most of the smaller mom and pop juice bars have a strong mission and commitment to a healthy and connected life and some may offer some nice perks for someone like you wanting to work part-time in Tokyo. So why not find part-times job in Tokyo that can not only help you expand on your healthy life style and start juicing it up, you can also discover hard to find vegetables and fruits that will sweeten up your day. Take this sweet treat now! 

Typical Salary:

¥950-¥1100 an hour

Links to Positions

Sunshine Juice

At Sunshine Juice the prices differs depending on whether you are a store staff, kitchen staff or delivery staff. Please take a note of this. 

Why Juice?

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo - Cook

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo: Cook

In Tokyo, you can apply to cooking positions although you may not have many options to choose from. The good news is that if you enjoy cooking and have the relevant experience preferably one to two year experience you can apply for a cooking position. Although it should be noted that depending on the restaurant, Japanese language may be required.This opportunity will give you the chance to learn and grow and would be useful for anyone that is particularly interested in cooking.Come and take part-time jobs in Tokyo in the cooking industry!

Typical Salary: 

¥1100-¥1500 an hour

Link to Job Boards

Craiglist’s Part Time Cooking Jobs

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo - Chidlren

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo: English Teacher for Children

Although many foreigners are tired of being limited to English teaching positions for part-time work, with the high demand, and nice hourly wages, you sometimes have to go where the money is to support yourself and the high cost of living in Tokyo.

The king of all part-time jobs in Tokyo is teaching children. This is one of the most common jobs university and Japanese language students will find themselves doing after coming to Japan. Besides the pay, the great part about being a part-time English teacher in Tokyo is working with children that grow to really look up to you and getting to do fun lessons! Still, there are quite a few things you want to keep in mind or be wary of when looking for a job teaching children.

Make sure to ask questions about the curriculum during the interview

Some children’s English schools/Kindergartens will have a curriculum in place they want you to follow and have a clear methodology of teaching. That being said there are places that have none, getting by with having their often inexperienced but passionate foreign teachers coming in and rocking the lesson with their own material. Some people can handle the workload and even enjoy being given the freedom to make their own lessons. However, you do need to keep in mind that the preparation for these lessons will likely be something you end up taking home with you frequently, so you will be putting in quite a bit of work off the clock! These types of places normally believe that by paying a nice hourly rate, they do not need to go through the hassle of creating a curriculum.

Other things to clarify...

We recommend asking about dress codes, lesson preparation, curriculum, and what training they will or will not provide. There are some children’s schools that have structure and are well-run operations, but more often than not they are just good at gathering students. The larger the operation the more systematized and the more guidance they will have. However, that in its self is a double-edged sword as the more support they provide, the lower the pay will be. You will have to weigh these factors when considering teaching children part-time in Tokyo.

Links to Job Boards

Jobs in Japan Job Boards

I personally recommend going with Jobs in Japan because if a school is willing to pay money for a job ad, it usually means that they have a set system in place and want quality teachers and you can also find many foreign owned places posting jobs there.

Ohayo Sensei

Ohayo Sensei does provide free job boards, but many of the posters are foreigners who own their own language school.

If you would prefer teaching adults, I would recommend checking out our English School with 8 locations in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Engish Teacher

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo: Teach English For Adults

The most common job is to teach English whether you are teaching children or adults, English has become a language that is essential to know because many places know English and even if you do not know the country's language or you do know then you can help out teaching English. First of all, depending on the language school, the requirements may vary. Some language schools will require you to have certificates, such as TESOL or TOEFL. The TOEFL test shows proof that you have good English skills and is recognised by many institutions while TESOL shows proof that the person is a good English teacher. While others may require some experience especially if you’re applying to teach children. 

But with some schools, like OCE,certificates and years of experiences may not be necessary. In OCE, they will test your English by asking you to write a paragraph for something that you are interested in and then they will have a Skype interview with you. Then the next step is a demo lesson where you are joined by one or two recruiters and possibly a Japanese staff. The final step would be an interview with the teacher manager. While the recruitment process takes 4 stages, OCE really wants to give people the chance to use their skills and help other students improve on their English language skills.

Typical Salary:

¥1,000-¥2000 per lesson

Links to Positions



Rosetta Stone

ESL Jobs in Japan - Teaching English in Tokyo to Adults - Conversation School

Teach English Part Time at One Coin English

In addition to awesome articles, we also run an English school with more than 100 teachers and 5000 students in 8 locations in Tokyo.

Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo: Chat Host for an English Cafe

Most Japanese people learn English at a young age and can normally read and write to a degree. Spoken English however, is an area that the Japanese education system is quite lacking. Various options have opened up to fill this gap left by the Japanese education system, mainly Eikaiwas and English cafes. English Cafes have been growing in popularity around Tokyo for quite some time now and are a great option for locals looking to brush up on speaking English. There are some people that will swear that it’s the go-to job while others prefer positions that are a bit faster-paced. 

For those who don’t know, English cafes are cafes staffed with English speakers (Hosts) that facilitate English conversation for the customers that visit. There are also companies that have agreements with restaurants and cafes to borrow space for use as cafes in different areas of Tokyo.

The Host’s role is that of a conversation facilitator. Their responsibilities would be introducing fun and engaging topics for the patrons and keeping the conversation flowing smoothly. Unlike an English teaching or Eikaiwa position,  you do not have to conduct classes or teach anything as the focus is just practicing conversation. One of the biggest perks of working as a chat host is flexibility and how laidback it is. In terms of the scheduling, most places are quite lax about the days that you work per week and taking time off. In addition to all that you will be getting coffees and (non-alcoholic) drinks on the job for a discounted price.

That being said, with all the good that comes with working at English cafes there are some downsides. The biggest one being that unlike eikaiwas and other English teaching positions, there is usually no limit to how long a customer can stay at your table/join in on the conversation. Having the same customer for 5 hours straight can be downright exhausting (How many people do you know you could speak to continuously for that long?!) and English Cafes rarely have limits on how long a student can stay in the group.

Regarding the salary, it does tend to be lower than eikaiwas. Most English Cafes are on a reservation-based system as well, so with cafes that aren’t as busy or are overstaffed, the pay can be a bit inconsistent.  

For the English cafe companies that rent spaces, you will also be traveling to many different locations which can be nice at first but tends to get exhausting after a few months.

In the end though, if you are looking for a laid back option and casual conversation, English Cafes are a choice to definitely consider!

To check out a few English Cafes (and a few other language cafes!) there is a list with some links below!

Typical Salary:

¥1,000-¥1,300 an hour

Links to Positions at English Cafes 


Leaf Cup 

Cafe Eikaiwa 

Norton Place 

There are also a few cafes that offer languages aside from English, which we have listed below.

Link to Positions at Multiple Languages Cafe.

Mickey House

Mickey House, offers other languages as well, such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Portuguese.


Part-Time Jobs in Tokyo: Nanny and Babysitter

If you are good at looking after kids and have experience because you are used to looking after your siblings, cousins or nephews then this is the perfect job for you! Why don't you look after kids in Tokyo for a short time as a part time job? These jobs involve playing with children and taking care of them. The peaks of this job is that you will have flexible working time and they will locate you a family that is situated close to your accommodation so you do not have to travel far away. You should upload your resume and also include your nationality, the language you speak, your nearest station and when you are going to leave Japan. Please note that you should be able to work at least two times a week and also be able to work for half a year. Also include your availability and the company will try their best to put you with a family. There is also the Carefinder company that lets potential nannies have more freedom and will ask you what age group do you want to look after and also what languages do you want them to speak and also the hourly rate that you are interested in. Check out the Job board and Carefinder so that you can be updated with the nanny and caretaker jobs.

Typical Salary varies and is sometimes negotiable but hourly rate usually is between ¥1000-¥4000 an hour

Link to Job Boards

AuPair Nanny Jobs

Link to Position

Care Finder Nanny Jobs

Experience of a Nanny in Tokyo

Savvy Tokyo

Fake Wedding Priest

This might be a job that you might be slightly worried about doing but it actually exists! Being a Fake wedding priest means that you would be required to know basic Japanese and you do not need to be licensed. They prefer to have Caucasian and people of colour for this particular job. You will be given the clothing by the agency that has hired you and you will even have a script to go through. All you need to do is attend the weddings in the weekends at the wedding chapel, the amount of weddings depends on how many weddings there are on those days. One thing for sure is that there will be multiple weddings and you will just need to turn up. You can play being the fake priests for about 45 mins to 1 hour and a half. 

Typical Salary: 

¥15000-¥20000 for each wedding 

Links to Positions: 

Fast food delivery

Fast Food Delivery

Everyone would have heard that fast food delivery is a growing business in the world. Many restaurants are providing their foods through different fast food apps and with the growth of technology, you can easily order food without any difficulties and get the food in less than 30 mins at your doorstep. Fast food delivery can be a good option as a part time job since fast food companies receive many orders and can have a staff shortage and this is where you come in. For this job, vehicles are usually provided by the company but you would obviously need a drivers license. Remember that tipping in Japan is considered very rude.

Typical Salary:

¥900- ¥1100 an hour

Link to Job Boards

Japan Work

Links to Positions 

Uber Eats

McDonalds - Japanese Required

Convenience stores

Convenience store staff

In Japan, convenience stores are everywhere and if you have visited Japan I'm sure you are aware of this fact. Convenience stores like Lawson have a 24/7 service, which means you can have a flexible schedule but please bear in mind that most convenience stores would require you to have a good knowledge of Japanese. 

For example, to apply to Lawson (one of the top three convenience stores in Japan) you would have to go onto their homepage and go to recruitment and fill in an application. You will be required to fill the application and you need to know Japanese to navigate through the site. The good news is that they do hire foreigners but to be able to provide a high quality service to customers, you need to be able to understand and solve their queries. 

Typical Salary:

¥900 - ¥1300 an hour

Link to Job Boards

Japan Job seekers in Kanto

Interpreter and Translator

If you know Japanese and English then becoming an interpreter or translator will not be difficult for you but please be aware that you would have to know both languages at business level and be capable of quickly translate. Before moving onto what the job will require you to do, lets go over the definitions. An interpreter basically translates everything that has been said while a translator translates the text given in different languages. Your role as the interpreter is to translate what both parties are saying and being the middleman. Both the Japanese enterprise and foreign enterprise should understand each other and you should make sure the conversation goes smoothly.

Typical Salary:

¥1,500-¥3,100 an hour

Requirements: Valid visa and N2 Japanese 

Links to Job Boards 

English Interpreter 

Glassdoor Interpreter and Translator Part-Time Jobs

English Japanese Translation Work 

Translation Jobs in Tokyo 

Links to Positions 

Gengo Translation 


Coffee shops

Coffee Shops

A very common for Japanese, but uncommon for foreigners is working at a coffee shop. Here you can serve customers and learn how to make delicious coffees and be a kind welcoming staff. Other duties include cleaning the store and cups and also doing the till. Some coffee shops might also ask you for barista one year experience and you can benefit from employee discounts like getting free coffee and food discounts and also transportation expenses. Doesn't it sound great?

Typical Salary:

¥990-¥1200 an hour

Links to Positions 

FRANKIE Melbourne Espresso

For FRANKIES- on the home page go right to the bottom, there will be several pop up posts and one of them includes "barista wanted" click on that one to get more information. 

Blue Bottle Coffee This page is in Japanese.

Does anyone know if Starbucks provides part-time jobs in Tokyo for foreigners? I have only seen Korean staff who spoke great Japanese, but I have yet to meet a foreigner. Let us know on Facebook if you have discovered the illustrious unicorn of a foreign Starbucks worker.



A job that you might not expect to do part time in Tokyo is Modeling. There are many Japanese companies who create advertisements using non-Japanese models to promote their product and you do not need to worry that they would not want you.

The pay can be very high if you find the right position, but you have to do your research very carefully because I have heard of positions that do not pay for make up or expect you to apply your make up yourself and do not pay for that time. You may also have a lot of idle unpaid time, so while 10,000 yen sounds, it starts to lose its appeal after 10 hours!

The modeling agencies might be able to get you a TV gig as well, but to be honest, I only see around 4 to 5 westerners on TV regularly, so making a living doing TV gigs is not something I would recommend to my little brother.

Typical Salary:


( Magazine work can earn up to ¥10,000 - ¥20,000 per shoot)

Links to Positions 

Avocado Modelling Agency in Tokyo

Free Wave


BRAVO Models

Alpha Modelling in Tokyo

Remix model

Acqua Tokyo

Lazaris Tokyo

Hype Casting Agency 

CDU Modelling

Exile Hype

aWake Modelling

Echoes Modelling in Tokyo


Hotel Industry

Hotel industries are also big with foreigners, in hotels you could be a receptionist or a housekeeper who cleans the rooms and restock items. Hotels are always looking for people speaking Chinese, Korean or English so this is the chance for all of you job seekers to apply. 

Some of the hotels offer stylish and luxury rooms that makes you want to stay there the whole day. Imagine working at the Hilton or Hyatt in Tokyo or potentially working at a grand Japanese hotel.

Although not based in Tokyo, Niseko has an absolute amazing snowy view that makes everyone happy at their lodging. They hire a ton of people on working holiday visas to work up on the slopes and hospitality during the winter season. If you still have time on your visa, you could head on over to Okinawa to staff the resorts during the hectic summer seasons. 

I should mention that part-time jobs in Tokyo at a hotel can result in visa sponsorship and they do hire full-time as well.

 Typical Salary:

¥900 - ¥1100 an hour

Links to Positions in Tokyo 

 Hilton Hotel Part Time Openings in Tokyo

Palace Hotel Part Time in Tokyo employment

Links to Positions in Niseko/Okinawa 

Niseko/Okinawa Hotel Permanent and Seasonal Positions 

Niseko/Okinawa Hotel Season Positions- Front Desk Receptionist 

Hotel Okinawa HYATT Room Careers

Hotel Okinawa HYATT Guest Service Staff



Retail stores everywhere are usually a busy environment where the cashier interacts with customers and gives great service to everyone. In Tokyo, you can find retail jobs in any electronic, clothes and drug stores. It is also helpful knowing another language so since you fit the criteria, why don’t you apply?

You can also search for full time positions at Uniqlo, H&M and Gap. Jobs can be offered in Headquarter and store roles. You can also find contract employment as well so you have many choices from part-time to full time to contract.

Typical Salary:

¥1000- ¥1200 an hour

Links to Positions

Uniqlo Retail Part Time Position Jobs In Tokyo

H&M Retail Part Time Position Jobs in Tokyo

GAP Retail Part Time Position 

Event Staff Member

The Event staff job requires the candidate to prepare for the event and make sure that the venue is all ready for the event. This involves making sure that there are enough chairs and tables also doing extra checks to see whether lighting and sounds and the stage is prepared and safe. You might also be required to carry equipment into the venue and then also packing it all up. The main priority for the event is to be safe and also make the event fun for everyone to enjoy. You will also have to serve guests food and drinks and give good customer service since you are representing your company. 

Typical Salary:

¥900-¥1000 an hour

Link to Job Boards

Event Jobs 

Link to Positions 

AG Company Event Jobs  

Travel Guide

Travel Guide

The last job we have to recommend to everyone is being a travel guide. This gives you a chance to show people around in groups. You will show them Tokyo and give them insights of the site locations and food. You need to know your way around Tokyo for this specific job.

There are also freelance travel guides that know a lot of information about Japan and how to get around so it is always a good idea to experience a tour guide and then see whether you will like the job and can do a good job too. Here are some websites of freelance travel guides: 

Typical Salary:

 Varies a lot 

Links to Positions

Tokyo Freelance Travel Guide Site 

The Backstreet Guides Part-Time Positions in Tokyo

Magical Trip Be a Tour Guide 

Food Tour Guide

In Japan you can also go on food tours and be the person in charge of the food tours. The food tours meeting point can be anywhere in Tokyo and your role will be to show special foods that might be hard for tourists to find by themselves. For instance, night markets or best Japanese BBQ restaurant. This gives you a chance to help them find out new foods and be able to try something they haven't already in Japan or to try a special city dish. You can do specific food tours like Mt Fuji Food tour or Kyoto Sake Brewery tour. Companies like Arigato Japan do a great job putting together food tours so if you want to be a food tour guide then apply there. 

Typical Salary : ¥900-¥1000 an hour 

Links to Positions

Arigato Food Tours - With Arigato, you can be a food tour guide or you have the chance to be a social media intern, wordpress intern or freelance content writer so you are not limited to just being a tour guide which is a great opportunity. 

Urban Adventures 

Freelance Writer

With the influx of foreign tourists and an ever increasing amount of foreign residents, the need for English and other language digital content is increasing. Many travel sites offer somewhat low rates, but provide a paid entrance into the world of freelance writing. After developing some experience, you could then start to approach some of the local magazines and publications for some freelance writing work. You may need another part-time job to get you started, but this is another potential option.

Story of someone who became a writer in Japan : https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2018/07/i-gave-up-my-full-time-job-to-be-a-japan-based-travel-writer/

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