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Tokyo Is The Place To Be

For me, Tokyo is the place to be right now in 2019 and 2020. You have the Rugby World Cup in 2019 which was exciting to watch and it was surprising to see how many foreigners came to support their team. Then we have the Olympics coming in 2020 which will bring even more people for more than a month. Japan is going full course on finding ways to improve their hospitality and accommodate such a large influx of tourists, let alone residents like us.

Our section on life in Tokyo is to help foreigners who are living in Tokyo and need information on how to make life in a foreign country easier. We also want to help foreign residents in Tokyo do the things that they would normally do in their home country like create a credit or debit card.

More Events in Tokyo than You Can Imagine

I could not have imagined how many events and activities are happening in Tokyo on any given week. Tokyo can compare or even surpass the likes of major cities like New York and London in the sheer amount of things to do. Tokyo has festivals going on somewhere all the time and the city offers many artistic, cultural, and futuristic things to do. Nothing crazy like bungee jumping or skydiving around here, but you could get to a place where you could in less than 2 hours by train.

We have created an awesome guide to events in Tokyo. Go check it out to discover where to see comedy and Broadway shows, what major festivals are happening and what part of the year will they be held. We also included some unique events like the one or two days a year where you can go onto the American military base and purchase American goods that you cannot normally purchase in Japanese stores.

BFF Tokyo also holds events from time to time to help you meet Japanese people and experience Japanese culture. However, we highly recommend our guide on how to make Japanese friends because it is the most comprehensive guide and even those who have lived here for more than 10 years will learn something new.

Jobs in Tokyo - We Have to Pay the Bills Right?

One key element to have a nice life in Tokyo is to have a good job. If you are going to be somewhere for 8 to 11 hours a day, you need a place that will treat you well and give you an opportunity to grow both career wise and personally. We have found that some foreigners end up having a disappointing experience by choosing the wrong company or job. I think finding a job is like finding a partner, better to get it right from the start or else have a headache later.

We have written around 15 articles on Jobs in Tokyo, covering everything from what jobs are available for foreigners that do not speak Japanese, how to get a position in Japan from start to finish, what do headhunters do exactly and how can they help you get a job, the 15+ job boards in Tokyo, and all the different type of teaching positions you can apply for. Learn more about jobs in Tokyo and make the right decision.

So Many Public Japanese Holidays

Japan has more public national holidays than anyone can remember. Ask anyone about all the Japanese public national holidays both Japanese and foreign and see them forget 20% or more.

People say that since it is hard for Japanese employees to take time off, some clever people in the government found a loop hole around that by creating an excessive amount of National Holidays. In some months, you have two national holidays in a row. This explanation kind off make sense when you realize that a majority of the public national holidays are on a Monday, giving everyone the coveted three day weekend.

Most Japanese people do not know the reason behind many of these days and we go into some detail about when are the Japanese national holidays and what is the meaning behind that day.

Need a Japanese Work Visa?

Some of you already know you want to come to Japan or Tokyo, but you do not have a visa right? Learn more about your Japan visa options and hopefully make your dream come true.

Japan actually offers quite a broad range of visa types that are not limited to work visas based on your age, income, country and purpose for coming to Japan. Once you know what is available, you can choose the approach that matches your situation best.

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