Content Marketing Intern at BFF Tokyo

Location : Shinjuku, Tokyo

Who Are We?

Our main business is One Coin English, a high-growth company founded in 2014 that started with 3 people and now have rapidly grown to over 150 staff in 2019. We currently have 8 English School branches around Tokyo and Yokohama and more than 5000 active monthly students.

Japan Switch was launched in December 2018 and provides low cost Japanese lessons in Tokyo. We have 130 active foreign students as of March 24th.

BFF Tokyo was launched in March 2019 and will be a media site aimed at providing content on learning Japanese, housing, jobs, and living in Tokyo. We aim to be different by not going the click-bait route and to be the only site you need to visit.

Content Marketing Intern

Learn to develop high quality blog content and learn how to promote them on social media and how to optimize that content for search engines to rank on google search.

  1. Learn how to write blog posts, checklists, info graphs and e-books
  2. Learn to optimize web pages and blog posts to get ranked on Google search
  3. Researching what content currently exists and interview people to look for opportunities to provide useful content that would be seen by thousands of people
  4. Learn how to make a social media and outreach strategy to make the post you create go viral and attract a lot of viewers from social media and on the web.

Successful Content

This internship is a great chance to get involved on something challenging and by the time you are finished with your internship, you will have quality work to show potential future employers.. Below are two pieces which were created by another content marketing intern.

One of them is ranked two or three for the search term part-time jobs in Tokyo and the second was shared over 140 times on social media.


  • Opportunity to learn with one of the co-founders to develop new businesses and expand our current marketing efforts.
  • Opportunity to use marketing software and website design software.
  • Opportunity to take amazing digital marketing courses online.
  • Opportunity to learn how to create material from start to finish and more importantly how to promote it so it gets seen by thousands of people.

Requirements and Other Information

Sorry we are unable to provide a full-time position nor visa sponsorship. On the other end, we do work hard to give you challenging and interesting work to help you develop your career and all our interns have found full-time or freelance positions.

Minimum Requirements

  • Able to commit for a minimum of 4 months
  • Able to commit for a minimum of 12 hours a week
    • 15 or more hours is ideal

Transportation / Financials

  • The internship can be done remotely or at our headquarters in Shinjuku
  • Transportation reimbursed up to 1000 yen round-trip
  • This would be an unpaid / volunteer internship
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Ready to Intern with Us?

Join our marketing intern team and work on some fun and exciting projects.

Marketing Internship - Team

Prefer a Part-Time Job instead?

In addition to providing great content and information for foreigners, BFF Tokyo also runs an English language school chain that hires teachers from all over the world - more than 25 countries represented.

  • 8 Schools across central Tokyo and Yokohama
  • Transportation covered up to 15,000 yen
  • 12 Hours of paid training and regular teaching support
  • Hourly rate from 1200 - 1550 yen per hour
  • New student sign-up bonus
  • Teach adult students who actually want to be there.
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